Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Can't You See It's A Turkey?

I've finished the Nov. Dishtowel KAL. It's a turkey but apparently I'm the only one who can see it. My husband's guess? "It's a tree, right?" He did the same for the candy corn illusion so I'm trying not to take offense here.

I've been working on making two more heart bags for the nieces and possibly a third since we suffered an unspeakable mishap on the bag I finished and felted. Apparently, the bag was left within reach of a bored dog who was so enamored with my work he decided to lick and nibble on the strap while we were away for an hour or two. Nibble is too nice a word for what he did. He tore completely through the strap leaving it a soggy, shredded mess. I didn't take pictures so heartbroken was I. I managed to repair it but had to refelt the entire bag and it's now about 3" inches all around. It's a mini-mini bag suitable for carrying around a piece of bubble gum and a quarter. I'll post a picture if I can bring myself to look at it again. The dog and the "I'll just drop my stuff on the floor and walk away" kid are still breathing in case you were wondering . . .

"Yummy wool, I love you so, especially when you're between my teeth"


Blogger Karen said...

I did that cloth too... and my husband said the same thing. My daughter thought it was a big mushroom. Sigh... Maybe the next one! BTW, I think yours turned out great! (It looks exactly like mine!)

12:36 PM  
Blogger LaurieKnits said...

Thanks Karenand I'm glad I'm not the only one with vision impaired housemates ;)

4:02 PM  

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