Sunday, October 22, 2006

Candy Corn Dishtowel FO

I finished my dishtowel but Mia, the camera hog, doesn't think it important enough to merit a photo. Since it's my first completed follow-the-pattern project, I'm almost afraid to use it to scrub grimy dishes. It seems so disrespectful, you know?

From this angle you can see the "illusion" a bit better. This was fun to knit up and done on #7 needles with 100% cotton yarn I bought at Joann's.

It was way too cold to practice yoga outside today in bare feet but the trees looked so gorgeous I gave it a try anyway. After 10 minutes, I bid nature goodbye for the warmth of my fur filled house. I ended up doing one of Elsie's Yoga Podcast routines instead. A decent workout that was so relaxing I fell fast asleep on the floor. I'm loving this podcast thing because I can take my practice anywhere I can fit a mat.


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