Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hello, is this thing on?

I'm a busy mom of seven (2 human, 3 canine, 2 feline) who has tried cross stitch, candle making, sewing and scrapbooking in an attempt to be "crafty". Candlemaking is fun but takes too much time (and I can't carry the stuff with me!),cross stitch bored me, sewing overwhelmed me even though I did make a snazzy pair of MC Hammer pants in the 80's(!), and scrapbooking, well, I just never "got" it. It's so much easier to just stick those photos in an album and be done with it, if you ask me.

I discovered knitting when my daughter received a knit-your-own scarf kit last Christmas. Neither of us had a clue what the heck we were supposed to do so I spent an entire weekend attempting to figure out the cast-on, garter stitch and bind-off from some horridly written directions. I was ready to throw the whole thing in the trash when it finally clicked. Since then I've fallen in love with knitting and am painfully stumbling my way through new skills. This journal will (hopefully) keep me organized and on track project-wise.

Soon I'll be posting pics of my few completed works starting with the "know when to quit" scarf, followed by my current WIP's.


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