Friday, October 27, 2006

Why Art Thou So Inept?

I didn't want to start something that would be way over my head again (like the sorry attempt at socks I tried a few weeks ago) and figured this "Knits for Kids" Ruffled Wristwarmer project would be a snap. Apparently, my ineptness knows no bounds because I've managed to screw this up not once but twice. It's a simple pattern done up with Lion's Brand Wool-Ease in knit one, purl one ribbing, with knit thru the front, knit thru the back increases every 6 rows but as I was, oh lets just say nearly freaking finished, my needle snagged my knitting bag which I stupidly left beside me and all 50 stitches were violently ripped off the metal needle. I did my best to salvage the thing but now my perfect ribbing (ok, so it's not so perfect but it's my fantasy) is marred by ugly twists. I'm at the point where I just want to be done with it or rip it to shreds . . . Needless to say, I am not going to have these ready for Halloween. Unless I call in sick to work. For the next three days/weeks/months?! This picture hides the many imperfections that are driving me mad:


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