Thursday, November 02, 2006

We're [Almost] Felting

The pattern from Midnight Knitter. I've wanted to give felting a try for months but feared the whole thing until I joined the felting KAL over at Romancing the Yarn .

I found the supplies at my favorite local yarn shop who didn't carry the Technohair but knew exactly what it was and did their best to find me a nice substitute. I got me some trendy hairy stuff (which was on sale, I might add) and some lovely black Cascade Wool along with a pair of size 10 1/2 needles.

The whole thing took very little time and is done mainly in stockinette with some garter thrown in along the bottom edge. The fuzzy stuff is carried over with the wool and the chart was a breeze to follow. What was I so afraid of, anyway? Here it is before sewing up the sides and knitting the strap.

Here's a shot after it's all seamed up and ready for my first felting attempt.

And,finally, here's my sweet old Sam modeling the latest in high end dog accessories for winter the "Have A Heart Drool Catcher"

It's agitating in hot water in the washer as I write (the bag not the dog), along with two pairs of jeans. Laundry, felting and drool removal all in one fell swoop!


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