Monday, October 30, 2006

Creepy Tree or Rotting Mushroom?

Either way this unblocked piece is downright fugly. But hey, the nightmarish thing is off the needles! Working with LionsBrand "Ruffles" was an experience I'm only willing to repeat one more time because I'm determined to see this project come to an end, along with my remaining sanity. The stuff is difficult for a new knitter and nowhere in the directions did they mention how impossibly tight the stuff gets and how impossible it is to bind off without resorting to teensy dpn's.
Lionsbrand says this about Ruffles:

Ruffles is a wonderful new yarn with endless creative possibilities. Slip knitting needles or crochet hook through the fabric and watch it transform like magic into pretty rows of ruffles.

Working with Ruffles requires a special, yet simple, technique. The loops are formed by inserting the needle or hook into the yarn.

I says this about Ruffles:
Ruffles, my bloody fingers and I despise you. Your marketing director may find you "wonderful" but I can't get the nightmarish vision out of my head of accidentally slipping you off the dpn and then losing you and all of your nasty little threadlits in the process ON THE FREAKIN' BIND OFF. My poor pets ran in terror and my neighbors probably think me a shrieking maniac.

"Mom, you scare me more than the big beasties"

"Scream? What scream? I smell food and I'm not budging 'til I get some!"


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