Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Heart Cloth

I found this beautiful Valentine Cloth Heart pattern over at Knitting On the Net and had this fantasy of whipping up a dozen or so for gifts. But alas, I was so underwhelmed with my results and irritated with myself and my dumba*s mistakes that I've put off doing much of anything else.

See, I didn't call this blog Clueless Knittery for nothing. The directions are simple, knits and purls on #7 needles and repeating rows but instead of using one of the many solid color cotton balls of yarn pining away in my dresser(and no, I'm not telling just how many), I decided to use this multicolored ball and this is the less than stellar result. It's supposed to be a dishcloth but I repeated the pattern one or two times too many (or maybe more . . .) and now it's almost a blankie. I'm very disappointed with my idiocy but that won't stop me from giving it away to some poor sucker (ah, lucky recipient) at Christmas time. Christmas is sneaking up on me and I don't have time for a do-over.

Stop your whining, you're exhausting me and it's snack time!


Blogger Juana said...

Oh my goodness! I used the exact same yarn when I made one of those for my husband earlier this year. That's a great pattern, isn't it! I love the length on yours. Maybe I'll have to make my DH a matching long one! Great idea! Thanks for sharing your photo.

10:46 AM  

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