Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where To Start?!

I scored some fabulous books and magazines but don't know where to start. Such problems, eh? I am so thrilled to own these to peruse at my leisure. No more rushing to the library to bring 'em back on time.

I decided to frog the dreaded, never ending boucle blanket but did it only after my little one was fast asleep. I know, I know, I'm a horrible mom but I'm only willing to suffer so much for love and, hey, she did steal my Ruffled Wristlets that took me half a lifetime to knit. I detested working with that splitty boucle stuff and decided to pair it with some cheapie Pound Of Love to make a snuggle for the local Humane Society. The pattern, from Knitting for Peace, is a simple 44 CO, garter stitch done on #8 needles and it's turning into a nice cushy mat that should keep a kitty good and warm. I was hoping to do several of these but it's so very heavy on the needles that it makes my hands ache.

And my little Mia who promptly sat on the snuggle as soon I set it down.


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