Friday, January 05, 2007

Legwarmer FO & socks!

I've discovered I'm a loose knitter. Either that or my daughter and I are punier than most average folks. Despite obtaining gauge for the Ruffled Wristlets they're still flopping around on my upper arms and the legwarmer project had to be frogged after I completed the first one, showed it to my daughter who looked at me with a horrified stare and said "those are for my legs?" I think she feared I'd force her to wear them to school where everyone would point and say very mean things. It's so hard being a third grader these days . . .

So, after going down several needle sizes and chopping off a good 4 inches of length I figured they'd be perfect. Nope, still too baggy according to the kid who doesn't like them. Sigh, I forget she wasn't raised in the 80's and really hadn't a clue what a "legwarmer" was all about. Sorry for the crappy picture but she wouldn't leave them on long enough to get a snapshot. Guess I'll be frogging these and making myself a hat. They were knit up on Lion Brand Wool Ease with size 6, 7 & 8 needles and seamed up the sides with a somewhat neat mattress stitch on one and a sad, confused attempt at mattress stitch on the other (I was too lazy to redo it after the daughter decided legwarmers weren't her thing) . If I ever desire to knit up another pair I'll use circulars because the seaming thing is just not for me. Which brings me to my next WIP:

Yep, that's a sock, alright. After all of my bitching a month or two ago, I decided to give circular knitting another try. Only this time I ditched the slippery metal needles and am using bamboo instead which makes a world of difference. I've been following Silver's Sock Class tutorial and so far I've managed to knit up the ribbing and am ready to start dividing stitches for the heel. Wish me luck because I'm betting I'll need it. I'm using size 4 dpns and some cheap acrylic yarn because I didn't want to mess with the good stuff until I have my technique down.

And here's my sweet old Sam who may end up wearing the legwarmers:


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